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Inspirational insights experience
Reflexia is your AI driven personal assistant in working with data,
who takes care of the routine while you are doing important things.

Care your business.
Reflexia will take care of analytics.
Just connect - AI will do the rest.
No special skills required.
Easy to connect and work with data sources. Integrates with third-party services and custom APIs
Quick start
Sorts out information systems. Collects and analyzes data. Builds and normalize dynamic model.
Full self-service
Exploring your business by internal
and external open data
New opportunities
Offers "best-fit" visualization
and makes complex information clear
Smart visualization
Easy to get insights
Reflexia studies and gives access to everything
that happens in business, not limited to dashboards.

All important in one click away.
Мы не верим в дашборды
Highlights the unobvious
Analyzes all data and lets see new, previously unknown relationships.
Hides the excess
Studying while you work - the system will understand what is important and interesting for you.
Rejoices you
Working in Reflexia is like googling or browsing collections in Pinterest.
Productive collaborative researches
We have collected in one place understanding, structuring and analyzing data.
Watch, explore relationships, make discoveries and share them with your team mates.
Explore your data from different angles and conditions, analyse predictions. Dive into specific values, investigate relationships, form hypotheses and test them.

Save hypotheses and discoveries to come back later and watch for changes. The system will understand what is important to you and will show only interesting updates.

Collect interesting in the history, add comments. If the data is updated, the system will save the snapshot of the previous version and notify about it.

Subscribe to stories and feeds of other users, inspire them with your selections
Create themed feeds. Supervise them on your own or customize auto-add reports according to specified parameters.
Make feeds and stories private, public or accessible personally.
С нами понимать данные легко и просто!
Можно легко добавить любой инсайтов в избранное, чтобы позже обратиться к нему, и посмотреть динамику этого показателя.

Проваливайся в инсайты, проваливайся к конкретные значения, открывай взаимосвязи, формируй гипотезы и проверяй их. Смотри на данные под разными углами, задавай условия, смотри прогнозы.

Отчеты мы называем историями. Просто добавляйте инсайты в истории, дополняя их комментариями. Приглашайте коллег к обсуждению. Не страшно, если данные обновятся, мы оповещаем вас об этом, сохраняя снапшот оригинальной версии. У вас есть возможность просмотреть обновления, и если нужно, добавить их в историю.

Интересует какая-то определенная тема? Создавайте кастомные ленты с заданными параметрами. Вы можете курировать их самостоятельно, или стримить туда отчеты в автоматическом режиме.
Подписывайтесь на истории и ленты других пользователей, а также вдохновляйте других пользователей своими подборками.
Все ваши коллекции могут быть как приватными, так и публичными, или доступны определенным группам людей.
Integration with data sources
Connect to your own and third-party sources. Reflexia can work with different formats, databases, SaaS services and custom APIs.
Open data
Mobile data
iOS, Android, and other SDKs
Web data
Statistical data from leading market players
Server logs
Python, Node.js, Ruby, & more
SaaS data
All famous cloud services
Text, tables, images and even videos
500+ industrial and open data services
Reflexia understands the business data, analyzes them and selects the appropriate visualization option depending on the context and nature of the information.
Convenient and clear visualization
The library is growing.
The system supports 20+ types of visualization. We are constantly expanding the library to view information from different angles.
Read the data easily
The algorithm chooses a suitable representation depending on the type of data, their quantity, context, and other nuances.
Optimized for all platforms
It doesn't matter which device you are working with data from. It's equally convenient on all devices.
Who we are?
A team of like-minded people, for 5 years we have been developing solutions
in the field of big data & machine learning.
In love with analytics, we make work with data accessible to everyone.